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Success Story: Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings


The Rusken team is thrilled to highlight our recent partnership with Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings based in Birmingham as their organization has continued to grow and flourish. Mis’ Rubin’s is home to some of the best hand-crafted rubs, seasonings, and marinades you can find, including their ‘Fish Magic’ and ‘Creole Magic’ seasoning blends.

The Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings brand dates back all the way to 1935 after founder Rubin Hanan emigrated to the United States from the isle of Rhodes in the 1920’s. Rubin landed in Montgomery, AL where he soon met his wife and business partner Julia, aka “Mis Rubin”. The two went on to open a meat market in Montgomery, called Penny Profit, and it was during that time that Julia (Mis’ Rubin’) began creating custom spice blends that grew in popularity in the region and helped set their store apart. The famous Black, White, Creole, and Fish Magic seasoning blends enjoyed today first went on the market in 1935, creating a lasting brand and loyal following over generations.

The Mis’ Rubin’s organization is now headed by owner Robert Landers and his partner Jay Evers who have been focused on continuing to grow the brand and distribution efforts online and to retailers across the southeast US and beyond. In fact, Robert grew up working in the Penny Profit butcher shop where the Mis’ Rubin’s tradition began!

The partnership between Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings and Rusken Packaging began when Robert and Jay were seeking a custom corrugated packaging solution for their retail displays to help showcase their products across stores. The Mis’ Rubin’s team was looking for an efficient solution with custom printing and structural design. Rusken sales rep, Marc Ponder, took these ideas and discussions, and collaborated with Rusken’s Director of Design, Adam Duncan, to find a solution. Adam and his design team quickly went to work, creating a custom, multi-layered POP retail display to be used throughout grocery stores, with custom black printing to highlight the Mis’ Rubin’s brand. This corrugated display solution can ship flat and can easily be constructed with two built-in trays to hold products with the famous Mis’ Rubin’s slogan front and center, “Makin Magic Since 1935”.

At Rusken, we are excited to partner with another family-run organization that truly values their customer base and products and has such a great tradition in the region. Today, you can order Mis’ Rubin’s products directly online through their website or find their excellent products at over 900 retail locations throughout the southeast US and beyond.

To learn more about Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings or to find nearby retail locations with their products, visit misrubins.com. A big thank you to Robert, Jay, and the entire Mis’ Rubin’s team for working with Rusken on your corrugated packaging needs and we are excited to see continued success for your organization!

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