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Success Story: Edmondson Farms

Although the harvest season for sweet potatoes starts in the late summer running into fall, the business the savory vegetable drums up is year-round. At Rusken, we take tremendous pride in supporting the agriculture industry, providing food safe, customized, corrugated packaging owners can trust to keep their crop(s) fresh and safe during transport.

On this National Cook a Sweet Potato Day, we highlight our partnership with Edmondson Farms, headquartered in Vardaman, MS. A leading innovator in the production, packaging, shipping, and sales of sweet potatoes, Edmondson Farms was started by Thomas and Thelma Edmondson in 1920. The ninth child of Thomas and Thelma, Carter Edmondson, met his future wife, Bettye, in 1954 when the Reedy family started a farm adjacent to his family’s. Once married, Carter and Bettye purchased their own farm in between Edmondson Farm and the Reedy farm. Expanding their own farm in 1978 Carter and Bettye purchased the Reedy farm, then in 1994 the original Edmondson Farm from Thelma and Thomas. Living and working on the original Reedy and Edmondson homesteads are several generations of Edmondson Farms, including third generation sweet potato farmers Tim and P.K. Edmondson, who both currently head the family business.

Currently growing and selling 100 million pounds of sweet potatoes per year, Edmonson Farms has expanded to owning fields located within 9 Northern Mississippi counties and in Oak Grove, Louisiana. As one of the first sweet potato companies in the United States to export their product to the United Kingdom, reliable packaging is a necessity for Edmondson Farms. The Rusken Team established a partnership with Edmondson Farms in 2010, when they followed their trusted packaging salesperson, Mike Thompson, to Rusken Packaging. From high quality 4 color print jobs to pink breast cancer awareness boxes in October, Edmonson Farm’s sweet potato packaging has evolved, alongside our own capabilities.


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Celebrate National Cook a Sweet Potato Day with an Edmonson Farm family favorite recipe!

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