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Success Story: Black Family Farms

As we enter the month of February, our strawberry farm customers are preparing their box orders for this year’s harvest. Though the strawberry season goes by in the blink of an eye, planting in late April and harvesting mid-to-late May into early June, the many family-owned strawberry farms throughout the Middle Tennessee area bustle with business. The Rusken Team is excited to highlight our partnership with one of these family-owned strawberry farms, Black Family Farms, located in Dover, TN.

Known as a Century Farm, Black Family Farms has over 100 years of farm history, having grown corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, tobacco, hemp, vegetables, and for over 30 years: strawberries. Modeling the farm’s motto, “Growing the Future,” Jane Bagwell started the strawberry farm to provide her grandchildren an opportunity to grow  and interact with the community. Jane has since passed the strawberry farm down to her daughter and granddaughter, Lora and Katie Black.

As the years press on, the strawberry farm continues to progress. Keeping current with the new agricultural trends, the Blacks have switched from the traditional strawberry growing method to plasticulture. Allowing for fewer weeds and greater production, plasticulture entails raising rows with a plastic covering. Fueled by the love she has for Stewart County, Lora’s goal for the strawberry farm this year is to continue bettering the community by providing locally grown fresh products.

The Rusken-Black Family Farms partnership formed in February 2021, as strawberry farmers were preparing their box orders, and Lora noticed she was in need too. Wanting to improve from her previous product, she reached out to a fellow strawberry farmer who referred her to Rusken Packaging in Clarksville, TN. Listening to her project needs, and working through the design process, the Rusken team collaborated with Black Family Farms to produce strawberry trays that Lora felt confident in. After one season using her new strawberry trays, she had this to say:

“I was so pleased with my Rusken experience with the Clarksville division. From the quality of the boxes to the great customer service, Rusken exceeded my expectations. They were so helpful with the design phase and were always prompt in their responses throughout the design, order, and pick-up process. The information I was able to include on the box definitely increased my social media traffic and customer contact.”


Corrugated Strawberry Tray

To learn more about Black Family Farms be sure to check out their website and Facebook page @BlackFamilyFarms. Tennessee strawberries are ready for picking mid-to-late May, and if you live in the Middle Tennessee area, be sure to plan a trip to Black Family Farms in Dover, TN!

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