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Subscription Box 101 Tips


From easy to fix meals, to healthcare, trendy seasonal fashions, and even goodies for your pets, you can find a Monthly Subscription Box for it! Subscription Boxes are a large part of the eCommerce trend that continues to dominate the market. Having already reached a global value of $18.8 billion in 2020, the Subscription Box Market is projected to grow by 20.1% over the next five years, according to IMAC research.

Regularity, convenience, and uniqueness are the top contributing factors as to why Subscription Boxes remain an untouchable growing trend. More and more consumer-facing industries and organizations are advancing and evolving by launching their own Subscription Boxes, which is why we thought important to provide some Subscription Box 101 Tips.

1. Box Styles

It is important to have an idea of what you envision before reaching out for design, beginning with box style. The box style should complement the printing and branding goals you have with your organization. Additionally, the customer’s unboxing experience should be taken into consideration to ensure the overall structure and design will leave a positive first impression. To help you get started, below are three commonly used corrugated Subscription Box styles:


Non-Joined Die-Cut

Rolled End Tuck Tray with Dust Flaps & Cherry Locks

This is one of the most commonly used Subscription Box styles. The two flaps on the left and right of the lid slide inside the body of the box. The two rounded flaps on the left and right side of the flap above the lid, slide and lock into place in each of the front corners providing a strong seal. This style allows for a simple and easy-to-use method for both packaging your products and unboxing for the end consumer.

Non-Joined Die-Cut

Rolled End Tuck Tray with Dust Flaps

Another commonly used style that is similar to the style above, the two flaps on the left and right of the lid slide inside the body of the box. The flap coming off the top of the lid slides into the body of the box. This style is highly customizable to fit your products as well as highlight your branding.

Non-Joined Die-Cut

Rolled End Slot- Less Tuck Tray

This style presents a cost-effective approach with efficient material usage and simplicity on the forefront. The flap coming off the top of the lid slides into the body of the box. As with all three styles mentioned, no added adhesives or materials are needed, creating ease-of-use for packing and shipping.

2. Print, Graphics, and Color Schemes

Once the box style is selected, the next big step is choosing the right print, graphics, and overall color scheme. Will it resonate with customers and allow your brand to stand out when left at their doorstep? The right package color scheme can help give your product(s) a special feel even before it is opened. Dark colors can allude to luxury and mystery, while light colors or pastels provide a clean, minimalist feel. And bright, vivid tones tend to steal attention by making the packaging POP! Your branding goals, messaging, and logos will help determine the optimal printing fit for your team.

Signature Holiday Packaging can be one easy way to establish a brand connection with custom print. Your customers will look forward to limited-edition Holiday Packaging that arrive donned for the season.

3. The Unboxing Experience

The pandemic has caused a lot of crazy trends, one of which is Unboxing Videos. To have a successful Subscription Box, you must take into consideration the unboxing experience. The goal of the unboxing experience is to create a connection with your customer that encourages a repeat purchase. This can be achieved by strengthening your brand appeal through sustainable, well-crafted, well-designed custom packaging to make your brand’s first impression unforgettable. And not to mention, delivering your product damage-free!


HuntVault: Subscription Box Success Story

HuntVault COO, Jaclyn Sears, shares her experience being part of a start-up Subscription Box company. Based out of McEwen, Tennessee, HuntVault is a Family/Veteran owned Subscription Box company that delivers thousands of curated outdoor boxes to members across the country each month. Each box features the best brands from industry famous companies to hidden gems you might not have otherwise discovered. HuntVault has been a part of the eCommerce Subscription Box movement since 2015

When asked what she likes most about the box style they chose (Rolled End Tuck Tray with Dust Flaps & Cherry Locks) for the HuntVault Subscription Box, Jaclyn responded:

“We chose a corrugated mailer with Rusken for a variety of reasons – we like the unboxing experience it provides our subscribers when they open it and view the products included, they are easy to build, durable and require only one section to be taped.”

Jaclyn and her family are a great example of how successful a well-thought-out Subscription Box can be, and we are honored to be a partner in their journey.

As always, our packaging experts are here to help you find the optimal style, print, and unboxing experience to best serve your customers. While the holiday season is a popular time with increased ecommerce ordering, the continued rise of subscription and ecommerce boxes are here to stay year-round, along with our commitment to find the best custom packaging solution for your brand.

Ready to put the Subscription Box 101 Success Tips to the test? Contact our team today!

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