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Stretch Wrap and Shrink Film

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Every type of shrink wrap and film you need

Ultra-high performance machine film

There are 2 basic types of ultra-high performance machine film. Extreme micron offers the highest performance stretch, 300% pre-stretch at the lowest gauge, and is designed for high speed equipment. Midrange advantage is a blended formula that gives high machine performance at an affordable price – without sacrificing high stretch and puncture resistance.

Standard performance machine film

Machine film is well proven in the industry, and comes with a consistent performance formula that operates on a wide range of equipment. It’s available in numerous sizes, gauges, colors, and in special formulas tailored to your specific needs.

Pre-stretched ultra high performance hand film

If you’re looking for an economical choice, then pre-stretched ultra-high performance hand film may be the right choice. It offers the high performance you need; it’s lightweight; damage proof; and it easily unwinds from rolls.

Extreme micron handwrap ultra high performance hand film

Extreme micron handwrap ultra-high performance hand film is the ultimate CAST handwrap. It brings you a great combination of load containment, toughness, puncture resistance, stiffness, and cling, combined with less neckdown for higher load coverage.

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