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Steel Strapping

Packaging Supplies

Steel strapping for any application you need

For your regular duty needs

Made from cold rolled steel under rigid quality control, regular duty strapping is a great choice for regular duty needs. The many benefits include precise uniformity in width, gauge, and finish, which results in trouble-free operation with automatic strapping machines, pneumatic machines, or manual strapping tools.

For your super duty needs

If you need a cost-effective alternative to high tensile steel strapping, then super duty strapping is what you’re looking for. You’ll get similar performance in most applications, and it’s ideal for numerous palletizing, unitizing, packaging and baling applications.

The scoop on high tensile strapping

Made from special analysis cold rolled steel, and fully heat treated to create high tensile strength and ductility, high tensile strapping is uniform in gauge and finish for hassle-free operation in power tools. The high tensile strength also gives you extra protection in virtually all strapping conditions.

Your sizing options

Regular duty is available in widths between 3/8″ and 3/4″, with gauge ranges from .015 to .023 and break strengths of up to 2070 pounds. High tensile is available in widths between 1/2″ and 2″, gauge ranges of .020 to .050 and break strength of up to 12,300 pounds.

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