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Built on the foundation of customer service.

Rusken was built on the foundation of customer service.  Our entire organizational identity and culture exemplifies our deep commitment to serving our customers and doing whatever it takes to support their success.  Today, our portfolio of services is much broader than others in our industry, as we enjoy and embrace the notion that every project and every client is unique.  In fact, close to 80% of our business involves some kind of customization!

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Custom Boxes

Each box we make is, in essence, a unique solution. From plain brown boxes to complex or retail ready boxes, we have you covered. No matter the style, material, size or quantity, the Rusken Team is here to help make your first impression.

Printing & Branding

Don’t miss an opportunity to make an incredible first impression by presenting your Brand professionally and clearly. We provide multiple methods and price-points for printing and labeling your custom packaging solutions.


We have comprehensive design capabilities in-house to help you create the right packaging solution for your specific requirements, budget and timeline. Our tenured network of design experts across our 19 locations can assist you to refresh a legacy design or, create a new solution from the ground up!

Custom Kits

Kits are robust packaging solutions which are designed from the ground up to deliver multiple, related products in a highly organized manner, inside a single package that is both safe and secure. Kits are one of our Super Powers! We have a strong history in developing and delivering kits for multiple industries, including automotive and furniture.


With many complex packaging solutions, the Finishing work truly sets them apart. Finishing Services are done by hand and exemplify quality, professionalism and time-honored craftsmanship. We are extremely proud of our “old world” approach to the details of all of our custom packaging solutions and are eager to earn your business.

Inventory Management

Packaging solutions are often bulky to store, and expensive when manufactured through small runs. With Rusken Inventory Management Services, your organization can take advantage of the favorable pricing of large runs and have your packaging inventory stored safely off-site. From our locations throughout the United States, we provide JIT Warehousing and JIT Inventory Management.

Delivery On-Demand

We have a fleet of trucks, and we are not afraid to use them! The bottom-line is that we have a broad range of Delivery Services to ensure that your packaging solutions are in your shop when and where you need them. Ultimately, we take Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery to a whole new level throughout the United States. Let us create a custom schedule for you!

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