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Rusken-Knoxville: More than a Warehouse

At Rusken, our commitment to serving our customers is the highest priority each and every day. This is exemplified at Rusken’s Knoxville, TN facility, where the team works diligently to offer customized and complex packaging solutions. While this facility’s origin was as a warehouse, a 2017 expansion allowed capabilities to extend far beyond the typical Just-In-Time (JIT) warehousing and delivery options for customers in the east Tennessee market.

Largely due to the ever-growing automotive packaging market, the focus of the Rusken-Knoxville team has adapted to meet the assembly and kitting demands over the past several years. Processes have been put in place with designated assembly lines, WIP inventory flow, and dedicated assembly team members, as well as enhanced shipping resources to design, construct and deliver complex packaging solutions. Additionally, the Rusken-Knoxville team has continued to expand its services offered with latex gluing, design, and in-house resources to collaborate from the initial design phase through delivery. These enhanced capabilities have been added, while continuing to successfully manage customers’ JIT inventory and delivery for non-assembled items.

Today, this location serves a wide array of customers and industries in and around the growing east Tennessee market with one goal in mind: maintaining a high level of service and efficiency for our customers. Expanded services have allowed major partners in this area to not only free up valuable space on their floor, but also increase their own operational efficiencies as our team removes necessary steps. We are extremely proud of the exceptional work the Rusken-Knoxville team has done to adapt and serve the east Tennessee market.

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About Rusken: Rusken is a dynamic, modern integrated packaging company with locations throughout the Southeast United States. With fourteen (14) facilities in seven (7) states, Rusken is a forward-looking regional organization. Headquartered in Cullman, Alabama, Rusken has experienced exponential growth over the last decade. This success is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, focus on family-based values and a commitment to a truly remarkable customer experience. From standard corrugated boxes to highly customized packaging solutions that require robust design-work, colorful printing and hand finishing, the good people behind the Rusken name are passionate about quality, delivery and customer smiles.