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Rusken Digital: Barcodes

When most people think of digital print they tend to jump to things like expensive corrugated displays, or lavish, eye-catching subscription boxes. Renowned for producing bold and unique packaging designs, digital printing often gets overlooked for ‘simpler’ uses such as barcodes.

Bypass the normal headache that comes with a new product rollout. An art file is all that is required to update our customer’s digital print design. Not only are customers able to save money by not having to purchase new print plates or labels, but digital printing allows our customers to maximize the bang for their buck with the use of a one price fits all combo run model. Not only does digital print eliminate the typical hassle that comes with new product launches or updating barcodes, but it gives our customers better control of their packaging inventory, allowing them to save even more.

Interested in seeing how digital printing can help you save? Let us help you with a new way to make a unique first impression with the use of Rusken Digital. Contact us today!

About Rusken: Rusken is a dynamic, modern integrated packaging company with locations throughout the United States. With eighteen (18) facilities in nine (9) states, Rusken is a forward-looking regional organization. Headquartered in Cullman, Alabama, Rusken has experienced exponential growth over the last decade. This success is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, focus on family-based values and a commitment to a truly remarkable customer experience. From standard corrugated boxes to highly customized packaging solutions that require robust design-work, colorful printing and hand finishing, the good people behind the Rusken name are passionate about quality, delivery, and customer smiles.