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The Importance of Right-Sized Packaging

The world of corrugated packaging comes in all shapes and sizes. Importantly, there is growing focus on optimally sized packaging solutions, while still providing protection and support for delivery. Finding a right-sized packaging solution for your product or products offers many benefits for an organization’s space and costs, as well as a more sustainable solution for the environment!

Below is a list of benefits that can come with optimizing your packaging design to better fit your products:

  • Limit the usage and costs of extra dunnage and non-recyclable materials (i.e., plastics, bubble wrap, foam, etc.).
  • Reduce unnecessary corrugated waste and costs associated with limiting overall materials.
  • Increase storage space, both in trailers and on floors, to optimize space with overall less material usage.
  • Add transportation efficiencies with the ability to fit more products on each shipment or trailer.
  • Contribute to the “Green Initiative” by limiting non-recyclable materials and using the minimum effective number of materials, reducing waste.
  • Enhance the overall unboxing experience for the end consumer with limited empty space and ease of use.

To ensure safe delivery, the structural design of your packaging should take into consideration everything from board grade to necessary inserts, among other factors. Our team of experts can walk you through the creation process from design to delivery, ultimately contributing to operational efficiencies, limit waste and costs, and provide a more sustainable solution.

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