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RCDP: Project Update

We are pleased to announce that Rusken Career Development Program (RCDP) member, Dawson Shugarts, has successfully completed his first project! After many hours of research and haggling, Dawson purchased a much-needed Tico Spotter tractor for our Cullman, Alabama headquarters facility.

As a yard truck, the Tico Spotter tractor will transport trailers around the Cullman plant, typically from the trailer yard to the dock doors. As a replacement for some of our older, worn-down yard trucks, the new Tico Spotter will improve our shipping efficiency as it provides our yard employees some much needed breathing room! Our new yard truck has not only helped our shipping department overcome some of its challenges but has also helped Dawson with how to overcome some workplace challenges as well. When asked what the most challenging part of the completion of his first project, Dawson said:

“The most challenging part of this task was that I did not know anything about yard spotters before I began looking. When Jeff Bowman, Corporate Logistics, told me to start looking for a yard truck, I had to Google it to figure out what I was even trying to buy, then try to find a good deal on a product that I had absolutely no knowledge about. After some extensive research, I was able to generate several leads through online sales postings. After about two weeks of sorting through multiple leads, I was able to nail down what I believed to be the best deal, pulled the trigger on it. Finding a good truck was definitely a challenge, but it was nothing a little research and persistence couldn’t solve. I am just glad I could help resolve an existing problem that we had, and most importantly, that the drivers like it!”

Please be sure to join us in congratulating Dawson on successfully completing his first project and helping to improve our shipping efficiencies for both our customers and employees!

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