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Prioritize Sustainability, Select Corrugated Packaging

Not a surprise, e-commerce sales continue to rise, and the customer experience (and possibly even more importantly, the first impression) is more relevant than ever. This is where your package design, including material selection, can have a big impact. By choosing corrugated, not only do you prioritize sustainability, but the print and design options to make your brand stand out from the crowd are vast.

A custom corrugated package design offers efficient, cost-effective ways to connect with your customers, which in many ways, is your new store front window. However, choosing corrugated can have lasting impacts among buyers across all industries, and enhance your overall brand.

Most of us know that corrugated provides the most sustainable and renewable packaging by a large margin, with over 92% of all old corrugated containers (OCC) recycled over the three-year period, 2018 to 2020. To further emphasize, and in recognition of America Recycles Day November 15th, below are some additional noteworthy points.

Did You Know?

(1) Just How Many Times Corrugated Can be Recycled …

According to a July 2021 survey by Paper & Packaging Board, “76% of Americans do not know how many times paper and cardboard can be recycled.” And to this point, “ many may be surprised to know that these materials can be recycled and repurposed up to seven times when balanced with new fiber.”

(2) Consumers Are Taking Notice of Plastic-Free Packaging …

In fact, as 67% of all Americans plan to do more online shopping in 2021 than in 2020, 68% are more likely to purchase from online retailers with plastic-free packaging options.

(3) Buyers are Emphasizing the Importance of Eco-Friendly Packaging with their Wallets …

A recent study from Recycling Magazine and Boston Consulting Group found that 74% of consumers are likely to be influenced by eco-friendly packaging, and even willing to pay more for sustainable packaging options.

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Just For Fun

If DIY is in your vocabulary, try these creative upcycling ideas shared by Paper & Packaging this  holiday season.

We want to see your DIY projects! Use the Hashtag #RuskenRecycles to share your sustainable creativity.

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