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Printing & Branding


Don’t miss an opportunity to make an incredible first impression by presenting your brand professionally and clearly. We provide multiple methods and price-points for printing and labeling your custom corrugated packaging.

Direct Print (Flexography)

Direct Print, also known as Flexography, is a method of industrial printing that is a great option for large volume orders where there are 1 to 4 colors required, as the printing presses used are much faster than digital presses. Direct Print has evolved tremendously and provides excellent quality and clarity in the printed work that is on par with Digital Print. Because the method uses customized plates, many refer to this as screen printing. Whether your project requires print on the exterior of your package or in the interior, Direct Print may be a solid alternative.

Digital Print (High Resolution)

Digital Print provides the ultimate flexibility to printing your project with a huge spectrum of color options, the ability to produce complex graphical imagery, and the capacity to print multiple versions of artwork within the same run.  With Digital Print, there are no physical plates or customized die cuts, the digital press does all the work virtually.  As there is less manual work involved with setting up a project for Digital Print, this translates to a lower upfront investment.  Digital Print is quicker to setup, enabling faster production turn-around times, but the Digital Presses are not as fast as the Direct Print presses when executing a large quantity run.

3D Design

Incorporate 3D Design alongside your graphic or 2D structural package design. 3D Design provides the ability to view multiple design options using our 3D model software, allowing you to get a true visual of the design, shape, and style of the box, even before running a sample.

Our passion is making your first impression from start to finish.

Graphic Design

With our in-house graphic design capabilities, we can create graphics you may have not thought possible for your packaging. Utilizing Adobe software, we can easily collaborate on various graphic art options.

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We offer a wide array of Labeling solutions (also referred to as single-face laminating or litho-labeling) for just about any kind of package.  Whether you need high-resolution spot labels, or full label wraps, the Rusken Team can help you understand and select the right high-resolution graphic alternative for your project.  Labeling is a powerful, highly flexible solution to help you stay true to your Brand identity and get your message out!  Many of our large format customers use Labeling solutions due to its tremendous flexibility.

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