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Pallet Optimization

At Rusken Packaging, our tenured network of design experts, doesn’t just stop at creating the perfect packaging solution to fit your needs. Our goal is to ensure the success of our packaging products from our Design Lab to your loading dock. With the use of palletization software, our designers can optimize the way you palletize your product, ensuring the safety of your product during the shipping process.

TiHi Optimization

What is TiHi?

Ti refers to the number of boxes per layer.

Hi refers to how many layers high the boxes can safely be stacked on the same pallet.

No Overhang

Stack as close as you can to the pallet edge without going over. Overhang reduces stacking strength and can cause damage to your goods.  Avoiding overhang allows for better security, creating a more stable pallet.

Column Stacking

Column stacking provides the most stacking strength when palletizing a load of cartons.  At times, this method can make the unit unstable due to the sizes of the carton.  When this happens, rotating a layer to help tie the unit together is necessary.  The rotating layer should be done as high in the unit as possible to give the unit the greatest amount of stacking strength.


Use of the parameters below, help our team make sure that there is enough fiber in the boxes to perform as you need them. Along with making sure that there is not excess fiber and strength needed.  Which could provide savings.

  • Box Size
  • Weight/Box
  • TiHi
  • Environmental Factors
    • Storage Time
    • Humidity
    • # of loads high
  • Printing

Let our design team calculate the ideal shipping method for you!

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