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Packaging Does Matter: Make an Incredible First Impression This Holiday Season

Corrugated packaging is reliable, sustainable & highly customizable

Now, more than ever, holiday sales have shifted online. While a trend that was already on the rise, in fact, Ecommerce sales saw a 62.4% YoY increase, according to a recent Paper & Packaging report; the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed retail sales even more quickly in the digital direction. So, with less face to face interaction with your brand, what better way to connect with your customers, than at their doorstep. First impressions can truly make or break future sales, especially in an era where the unboxing experience is captured and shared a thousand times over through various social channels.

Let your holiday packaging be your new & ongoing storefront window. At Rusken, corrugated packaging is our expertise and making first impressions our passion.  We are here to help.  From design to intricate & high-quality print capabilities, to delivery and inventory management, let our experience work for you.  Our team across the Southeast will guide you through the process of creating the right packaging solution. 

Corrugated packaging is a cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and customizable way of getting your products to your customers with confidence.  Contact us today to get started, we are here to move your business forward!

And if you wanted to give the power of custom designed packaging a test drive, check out our new online design tool.  

About Rusken: Rusken is a dynamic, modern integrated packaging company with locations throughout the Southeast United States. With thirteen (13) facilities in seven (7) states, Rusken is a forward-looking regional organization. Headquartered in Cullman, Alabama, Rusken has experienced exponential growth over the last decade. This success is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, focus on family-based values and a commitment to a truly remarkable customer experience. From standard corrugated boxes to highly customized packaging solutions that require robust design-work, colorful printing and hand finishing, the good people behind the Rusken name are passionate about quality, delivery and customer smiles.