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Food Safe Insider: Huhtamaki


In recognition of National Food Safety Month, we are excited to highlight what makes corrugated packaging a food safe preferred shipping method for our customer, Huhtamaki.

As a global food packaging supplier, Huhtamaki largely manufactures fiber board food containers for quick service restaurants. Internally, Huhtamaki is able to implement their own food safety procedures ensuring that their food containers are free of any infestations or contaminants. Similar to their own food containers, Huhtamaki must have a corrugated shipping container that is guaranteed to be just as cleanly as their own product so as not to be contaminated during the shipping process to the end user.

When asked about the importance of food safe shipping containers, Huhtamaki’s Hopkinsville, KY Plant Manager, Lance Sikes had this to say:

“With our biggest customers being quick serve restaurants, it is of the utmost importance that the food containers we make are free of infestation, dust, and other contaminants. Corrugated containers serve as the best solution to accomplish food safety, shipping concerns, and protecting our product for the end users. When shipping containers are not food safe, it puts the general publics’ health at risk as well as the reputation of our customer and Huhtamaki.”

Since 2007, Huhtamaki has entrusted us with upholding their high food safety standards for their customers. 

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