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Make a Splash with Custom, Food Safe Corrugated Packaging

As one of the most hygienic materials, along with its unique sustainability properties, corrugated is an ideal choice for packaging your food products – everything from poultry and meats to fresh produce and sweet potatoes. And whether your need is for custom holiday, seasonal or everyday packaging, corrugated offers secure shipping as well as expansive branding opportunities, making a great first impression- which just so happens to be our passion!

Custom Package Design

Design customizations include everything from box style to printing and graphics. Some commonly used box styles include heavy double-wall gaylords for transporting larger volumes,  self-locking trays, ice pack trays, and slotted cartons. Design can also be utilized to optimize durability, stacking strength, and ultimately find the right sized packaging for shipping.

Corrugated Benefits

  • Clean, single use, reduces the transfer of bacteria
  • Sustainable
  • Vast branding opportunities, from logo to messaging & instructions
  • Custom to securely fit and protect product (s)
  • Shipping optimization

Rusken is committed to food safe packaging practices. Review our Food Safety Policy to learn more.

If you are ready to get started with your custom box design, we are here to help!

About Rusken: Rusken is a dynamic, modern integrated packaging company with locations throughout the Southeast United States. With fifteen (15) facilities in eight (8) states, Rusken is a forward-looking regional organization. Headquartered in Cullman, Alabama, Rusken has experienced exponential growth over the last decade. This success is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, focus on family-based values and a commitment to a truly remarkable customer experience. From standard corrugated boxes to highly customized packaging solutions that require robust design-work, colorful printing and hand finishing, the good people behind the Rusken name are passionate about quality, delivery and customer smiles.