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With many custom packaging solutions, the finishing work truly sets them apart. Finishing services are done by hand and exemplify quality, professionalism and time-honored craftsmanship. We are extremely proud of our “old world” approach when it comes to detail.

Box Stitching

Box Stitching is an overarching term that is used to describe how a box is fixed together.  Depending on the box type, materials used, performance requirements and box content there are multiple methods to ensure a firm, secure assembly.  Glue, staples, stitches and even tape are some of the more common alternatives to ensure the manufacturing joints are secure.  Your experienced Rusken Packaging Design Consultant will help you understand the right alternatives for your packaging solution.

Press Seal (Self-Sealing Boxes)

Sometimes you are looking for a ready-made packaging solution to streamline your user experience.  Self-Sealing boxes are simple to use and maximize your time!  Rusken can manufacture and prepare Press Seal packaging to your specifications.  Our Finishing professionals hand roll (glue/latex) each box to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship.  Decrease assembly time with self-sealing boxes, no tape required. Just close the box and you’re ready to go.

Spot Labeling Application

Spot labeling is a great branding alternative when you want to use high-quality graphic labels for your packaging.  Graphic labels come in all shapes and sizes and can cover a portion of a panel, a full panel or several panels.  The application of the graphic label can be a barrier, but not for Rusken customers!  Our Finishing professionals apply each label by hand to ensure superior quality and craftsmanship.  Showcase your product information with a high-quality graphic label.  Let our team apply the label in-line and reduce your pack-out times.

Waxing (Wax Coating)

Wax coatings provide a moisture barrier to preserve the strength of a corrugated container, typically holding wet or iced products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, and seafood.

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