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eCommerce & Digital Print

Maintaining its spot on the top trending charts, eCommerce containers are evolving from standard brown boxes into uniquely printed, eye-catching packaging. As a highly sustainable and customizable material, digitally printed packaging not only allows you to capture your brand, but also captivate your customers.

According to a market report from Smithers, the volume of digital print is forecast to grow year-on-year at 8% to 2028. Part of this growth is in relation to the unboxing social media trend and uptick in subscription boxes. Regardless of whether it is an unboxing video, or a weekly subscription box, the use of well decorated digitally printed packaging helps to build loyal customers by establishing an emotional connection. Hooked on the premium packaging experience, these loyal customers are not only going to become repeat customers but are highly likely to share their great experience and create new, future customers.

Digital print isn’t just about the bold and unique printing possibilities, but it also is sustainable. Flexography requires the purchase of print plates, which have to be manufactured, shipped, stored, and eventually recycled. Any changes to the print requires the purchase of a new print plate, no matter how big or small the change may be. Eliminating the need for print plates with the use of digital artwork, digital printing can easily be changed anytime without any hassle. Digital printing also uses less energy than traditional printing methods.

Don’t miss out on this trend! With the use of our digital printing capabilities, Rusken Digital, we can design an eCommerce packaging solution sure to provide your customers with a premium unboxing experience! Contact us today to get started

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