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E-Commerce Packaging Trends

Make an impactful first impression with purposeful packaging.

Consumers are increasingly more conscious of the packaging they receive, driving some of the most recent trends, including simple design, eco-friendly and easily touting your brand narrative.


Simple, minimalistic design is key. It allows you to create instant brand recognition, while also allowing you to share your values, story and even, value added content.  Not only can this be achieved through a clean design, but adding a simple QR Code, can take your consumer package experience to the next level.


Sustainability continues to become increasingly important to consumers, as they take note of and seek plastic-free packaging.  A recent study from Recycling Magazine and Boston Consulting Group found that 74% of consumers are likely to be influenced by eco-friendly packaging, and even willing to pay more for sustainable packaging options. The corrugated industry has responded, putting greater emphasis on limiting waste in all aspects of its operations, and producing more sustainable and recyclable products.

When it comes to packaging, we know you have options, however, we truly believe corrugated offers numerous benefits & is in alignment with not only these common trends, but the internal mission and values of many organizations. 

Test drive your design ideas today with our interactive design tool.  

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