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We have comprehensive design capabilities in-house to help you create the right packaging solution for your specific requirements, budget and timeline. Our tenured network of design experts across our 12 locations can assist you to refresh a legacy design or, create a new solution from the ground up!

Packaging Design Consultation

Corrugated packaging is not all the same.  In fact, selecting the right style, size, material, structure and branding can be a bit overwhelming…unless you are working with an experienced Packaging Design Consultant from Rusken!  Our entire mission is to help you create the perfect solution for your project.  Simply walk us through your budget, performance requirements and desired customer experience and we will provide you with a range of alternative solutions.

Packaging Optimization

If you have an existing packaging solution but would like to improve its performance or customer experience, our Design experts can help.  Our tenured, Packaging Design Consultants will assess your current packaging design based upon your specific performance and usability requirements and provide a written review of optimization recommendations.  As packaging design professionals, we have hands on experience with thousands of successful projects.  Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to let our insight and years of experience work for you.

Prototyping (Sampling)

In our never-ending pursuit of delivering superior packaging solutions, we highly recommend all new projects utilize a solution prototype.  Prototypes are physical examples of your package that are made to exact specifications.  Through the prototype, you will be able to experience every facet of your new packaging solution before it goes into full production.  Prototypes eliminate the guess work of new projects and ensure that your design meets all of your intended requirements and expectations.

Rapid Prototyping

Do you have a super tight timeline and still want the peace of mind that comes with a prototype?  Rusken is here to help!  With our Rapid Prototyping, the Rusken Team will perfect your design in hours, versus days with our advanced 3D (CAD) design capabilities.  NOTE:  Available only in Cullman, Harrisburg and Atlanta facilities.

Die Cuts (for Interior & Exterior Packaging)

When a standard packaging style and size does not work for your project, a customized design is warranted. Customized packaging solutions provide you with wide flexibility to create a solution that is perfect for your specifications. Once your customized design is complete and approved for manufacturing, we will create a die cut which serves as a model / guide to ensure that your customized solution is produced consistently and with the highest quality. We develop and use die cuts every day at Rusken for custom exterior packaging and custom interior packaging.

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