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Delivery On-Demand


We have a fleet of trucks, and we are not afraid to use them! The bottom-line is that we have a broad range of Delivery Services to ensure that your packaging solutions are in your shop when and where you need them. Ultimately, we take Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery to a whole new level throughout the Southeast. Let us create a custom schedule for you!

Just-in-Time (JIT) Delivery

We will deliver your packaging when and where you want them. We really mean it! You dictate the terms and we will execute. We have a fleet of trucks (60 tractors, 400 trailers) across our 12 facilities in the Southeastern United States, and we will create a completely customized delivery schedule for your organization. Rusken is a truly unique packaging partner that is consumed by doing whatever it takes to make our customers successful, so we have invested in our capability to deliver, deliver, deliver! Take a moment and talk with one of our experts and learn about Rusken JIT Delivery services.


Freight shipping frequently requires palletization.  Rusken provides heat-treated wood pallets for all your domestic and international shipping requirements.

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