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Custom Corrugated Inserts Provide Protective Packaging

Sustainably Secure Your Products for Shipment

The world of custom corrugated boxes provides endless solutions to safely secure your products, from a standard Regular Slotted Container (RSC) to a complex design, specific to your product dimensions. However, there are times when a simple outer box will not suffice, and potentially pose the risk of product damage for more fragile items, sometimes requiring additional non-sustainable packing materials (i.e., plastics). From packaging for bottles, technical equipment, glass items, to even foods, corrugated inserts provide an all-in-one solution that is fully customizable to securely fit your products.

In addition, as sustainability has become an increasingly important priority among consumers and organizations alike, corrugated inserts provide a ‘greener’ solution for your custom packaging needs. According to a Consumer Brands/Ipsos poll, 84% of US shoppers say they’re concerned about plastic and packaging waste. Corrugated is one of the most sustainable packaging solutions, with an average recycling rate (from 2018 – 2020) of 92.4%.

Benefits of Custom Corrugated Inserts

  • Limit waste and cut down on usage/spend of less sustainable materials (i.e., plastics, wraps, etc.)
  • Product display and brand enhancement for the unboxing experience
  • Maintain product safety through shipments with secure fit
  • Endless customization opportunities
  • Enhances reputation among customers through sustainability efforts

At Rusken, our experienced design team is here to help you identify the optimal custom insert solution to correspond with your outer packaging. One that is efficient, cost-effective, sustainable, and exceeds your customer demands.

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