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Custom Boxes


Each corrugated box we make is, in essence, a unique solution. From plain brown boxes to complex or retail ready boxes, we have you covered. No matter the style, material, size or quantity, the Rusken team is here to help make your first impression.


We have an expansive variety of corrugated box styles for you to choose from.  Often times, the style is not a cosmetic decision, but focused on usability and functional performance.  Listed below are some of the more popular styles, but remember our designers can take your vision and requirements and create the perfect packaging solution for your project.

Most Popular styles: 
• Regular Slotted Container (RSC)
• Half Slotted Container (HSC) 
• Full Overlap Slotted Container (FOL)
• One Piece Folder
• Five Panel Folder
• Auto-Lock Bottom
• Jumbo Boxes


From small retail packaging solutions to massive containers for shipping we have an unbelievably large spectrum of size options.  In fact, we are a major industry player in Jumbo packaging.  

Corrugated Materials

Corrugated materials are constructed to suit the requirements of your solution. Rusken has the capability, flexibility and expertise to help you select the right material for you. Basically, there are two key components to consider: Board type, or grade (single face, single wall, double wall, etc..) and Flute type (A, B, C, etc..). In a nutshell, the thicker the board and wider the flute, the stronger the packaging. As the corrugated material used is more substantial, it is heavier and will impact shipping and transportation. Our packaging architects and designers are here to walk you through all of your options and considerations!


The structure of every corrugated packaging solution we deliver is designed to perform to your expectations and requirements. The box structure is constructed based upon the functional performance. Structural features may include style, material, interior packaging, dunnage and more.

Ultimately every packaging solution is built to an industry standard to ensure performance. There are two key testing standards: Edge Crush Test (ECT) and Mullen. ECT measures how much stacking strength or pressure a box can withstand before being crushed. This translates to the ability of the box to remain structurally intact when multiple boxes are stacked on a pallet. Mullen value is determined by the amount of pressure a box can withstand before bursting or being punctured. This translates to the ruggedness of the box and how it stands up against rough handling.

Interior Packaging (& Dunnage)

Interior packaging is critical to ensure that your end customer has the intended experience when they first open their box. Whether your focus is ensuring that your product arrives safe, pristine and unscathed, or that your multi-piece kit is perfectly laid out, we take your worries away through superior design and flawless execution. Our interior packaging solutions leverage a wide variety of form factors and materials, including wood, foam, corrugated inserts and more.

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