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Corrugated Supports Sustainability

As sustainability is prioritized by both organizations and consumers alike, corrugated provides the most renewable packaging option by a large margin, with over 92% of all old corrugated containers (OCC) recycled over the three-year period, 2018 to 2020.

In addition, corrugated boxes are often produced without the use of dyes and bleaches harmful to our environment and can be reused in various ways during their life cycle. In fact, corrugated box fibers are used an average of 7-10 times throughout their life cycle.

As a proud member of the corrugated community, our commitment to sustainability throughout our facilities includes:

  • Collecting, bailing, and shipping out all corrugated scrap materials and unused boxes in our manufacturing facilities for reuse back into the supply chain.
  • Optimal packaging design that limits waste and use of non-recyclable materials.
  • Wastewater treatment at many of our manufacturing facilities that removes any contaminants for reuse back into the water cycle.

To learn more about how corrugated recycling works and how to support recycling efforts, Fibre Box Association shares the ins and outs of the recycling process.

And when it comes time to a design for your next packaging project, choose corrugated for its sustainable, dependable, and flexible qualities.

At Rusken, we are excited to be a part of such a sustainable industry and look forward to continuing building towards a lower carbon footprint.

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