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Corrugated Supports Food Safety

Single-use Containers Reduce Contamination

In recognition of National Food Safety Education Month and National Fruit & Veggies Month, this week’s article highlights what makes corrugated a preferred shipping material when it comes to food products.

Why is Corrugated so Ideal for Food Products?

Corrugated is one of the most hygienic materials that can be used when distributing food products. In fact, scientific research has proven that corrugated packaging is not only safer than reusable plastic containers, but can also aide in keeping shipments of fruit fresher. The reasoning behind why corrugated is so much safer than plastic containers can be traced back to the corrugated manufacturing process. The material reaches a minimum of 212°F (100°C) three different times during the production, eliminating microbes and bacteria.

With four onsite corrugators that supply our manufacturing locations with sheets for production, in addition to the high temperatures, the number of touches to our sheets are also greatly reduced, adding a little extra peace of mind.

Sustainable One Time Use

Another benefit of corrugated is its recycling rate and ability for one time usage. Plastic’s ability to be continually re-used is one of the major down falls when it comes to why corrugated is so much safer when handling food products. Plastic, even when thoroughly washed, can hold bacteria in cracks that may be present. This missed bacteria has the potential to then be introduced to food products when the container is re-used. Corrugated eliminates the risk of introducing food product to bacteria due to its single-use nature, after which it can be recycled.

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