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Corrugated Recycling Matters


In recognition & celebration of Earth Day, April 22, we wanted to highlight the importance and impact recycling your old corrugated containers (OCC) can truly have in maintaining the circular economy, helping to eliminate waste and pollution.  Corrugated is one of the most renewable packaging options, with over 92% of all OCC recycled over the three-year period, 2018 to 2020.

But more can certainly be done. According to a July 2021 survey by Paper & Packaging Board, “76% of Americans do not know how many times paper and cardboard can be recycled.” And to this point, “ many may be surprised to know that these materials can be recycled and repurposed up to seven times when balanced with new fiber.” To help better understand exactly how the recovery process works, American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) created an overview of what happens once recyclables are picked up and arrive at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).  

What can you do to support corrugated recycling?

When designing your packaging, you can encourage your customers to recycle by incorporating the Corrugated Recycles emblem. The Corrugated Recycles Symbol can be used worldwide to both promote the recycling of corrugated and advertise its ultimate recyclability across country border and from continent to continent.1

If we all work together to do our small part, collectively, corrugated recycling efforts will not only continue to thrive, but grow!

1 Fibre Box Handbook 75th Edition

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