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Corrugated Basics: Board Test & Flutes

Board Test

Basic knowledge of board tests can help when finding the right packaging to ship your product safely and with confidence. The board test, sometimes referred to as a board grade, is a number that can be found inside the Box Maker’s Certificate (BMC) printed on the bottom of most boxes. Indicative of the liner board’s strength, the higher the number, the stronger the liner and the more weight it can carry.


This wavy medium is set between two pieces of liner board and provides the corrugated’s cushioning strength. The larger the flute, the better the compression strength, however, closer flutes allow for a smoother printing surface. Identified by a letter, flutes are measured by how many flutes per foot and thickness. Single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall are all indicated by the number of flutes. One layer of the wavy medium indicates single-wall, two layers makes double-wall, and three layers for triple-wall. Like the board test, the more layers of flutes there are, the stronger the board will be.

How to Know What to Use

The first step is knowing what you plan to ship and how much your product will weigh within the package, including any other packaging material(s). Once you know this, you can consult with a packaging professional to decide on what board test and flute combination will work best for what you plan to achieve.

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