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Choosing the Right Box Style

The world of custom corrugated packaging offers endless options to fit your products securely and ship with confidence. When factoring in the numerous box styles, board strengths, and flute profiles available, it can be overwhelming to determine what solution is ideal.

At Rusken Packaging, we are here to help navigate & ultimately simplify the process of identifying the optimal packaging solution for your individual needs. To get started, we have broken down some of the most common corrugated box styles and uses for each.

RSC- Regular Slotted Container

This is the most used corrugated box style today due to simplicity, efficiency, and versatility. The outer length flaps meet in the middle on top and bottom, creating a simple fold for assembly. These items come glued, ship flat and are excellent shipping containers with little waste and additional costs involved.

FOL- Full Overlap Container

As the name suggests, FOL containers have extended outer flaps that almost completely overlap when closed and assembled. This box style provides enhanced cushioning on top and bottom with great stacking strength for heavier items.

HSC- Half Slotted Container

HSC style boxes have the same makeup as RSC containers, except either the top or bottom of the box, does not contain flaps. One side of the box (top or bottom) will be open and exposed, commonly used for sliding over an item and attaching to a pallet for added protection on top or exposing specific items on top to the visible eye.

OPF- One Piece Folder

Also referred to as “bookfolds,” OPF style boxes have a flat bottom with two short flaps forming the sides and two longer, wider flaps that form the front, back and top. The wide flaps typically meet in the middle or overlap, depending on the contents inside. OPF boxes are commonly used to package shallow depth items, such as books or pictures.

Roll End Tray

Roll end tray boxes are typically self-assembled and are formed from one single piece of combined board. There are several options for this style, including two-side and four-side, where the side panels fold over and lock in place to the finished box. Due to the top being open and exposed, these style trays typically are not shipped long distances on their own. Common uses include delicate produce, inner containers for parts, or elements of displays.


Otherwise known as “Subscription Style Boxes,” mailers have seen a large increase in demand due to the recent rise in eCommerce sales worldwide. A one-piece die cut box assembled without additional materials, mailers include a double layer of protection on the sides and bottom. There are various options for added flaps or tucks that lock in place, providing more security during shipment. Due to the high level of customization, branding, and item protection during shipment, mailers are typically used to ship custom items and are commonly used in eCommerce deliveries.

FPF- Five Panel Folder

FPF style boxes are like OPF boxes, when assembled. This is a one-piece box with overlapping top and end panels, and five panels that are enclosed around specific items to ship glued or taped. This style box is cost-effective and typically used to ship more shallow items, or ones needing an extra level of protection on the sides.

Full Telescope

Also known as a two-piece tray, full telescope boxes typically include a bottom tray with a separate lid that fits over the top. Given the added construction and layers with separate tops and bottoms, these boxes are typically used for clothing items, or long, flat items requiring extra cushioning and protection.


Often referred to as “dividers,” partitions allow items to separate within the outer box styles with an individual cell for each item. Partitions are typically assembled with length and width sections and applied within the outer boxes, typically an RSC style. Partitions are typically used for glassware, or similar fragile items during shipment.

While these are some of the most used box styles across the corrugated industry, there are numerous variations, customizations, and styles to ensure an optimal solution to protect and display your products.

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