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Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

While packaging products come in all types of materials, shapes and sizes, we believe corrugated offers the most benefits regarding cost-savings, product safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Here are just a few of the many benefits that corrugated packaging has to offer:


From a simple brown box to a highly engineered retail display or automotive kit, corrugated packaging is highly customizable and offers numerous options to fit your needs.  The idea of “one size fits all” is becoming less and less, as more retailers are looking for custom packaging to fit their products and image, particularly in eCommerce.

Corrugated packaging is very versatile, offering an extensive list of styles, board strengths and printing options. Die cut solutions allow for custom cuts built into the final products to ensure proper details are met with consistency.

At Rusken, custom boxes are our specialty, with dedicated design teams to find your optimal solution!

Environmentally Friendly/Sustainable

There is no secret that corrugated packaging offers the most sustainable and ‘green’ option of all packaging solutions (by a large margin). The importance of sustainability among end consumers has become increasingly important over the past decade with no signs of stopping. In a recent study from Recycling Magazine and Boston Consulting Group, it was found that 74% of consumers are likely to be influenced by eco-friendly packaging, and even willing to pay more for sustainable packaging options.

The solution? Corrugated. It provides an eco-friendly option with an overall 92% recycling rate in 2019 (compared to 15% with plastics). Additionally, corrugated box fibers are used 7-10 times on average to produce new boxes and paper products to be put back into the supply chain (ref: Fibre Box Association 2021)

With corrugated packaging materials, you can feel good about your contributions to a more sustainable world and lower carbon footprint with countless options for recycling and reuse.

Remember to recycle all your corrugated materials!


With our ever-changing retail landscape, organizations are looking to brand and market themselves to end consumers outside of traditional brick-and-mortar options. What better way to connect and make an incredible first impression than with the packaging at your customer’s doorstep?

Corrugated packaging offers countless printing and branding options, including direct flexographic, digital and direct labels. These direct branding options offer an efficient and cost-effective way to connect with your customers, and can, in many ways, be your new store front.

Let your corrugated packaging speak for itself and enhance the overall unboxing experience.

Structural Design

The flexibility and customization options that corrugated packaging has to offer allows for optimal fit and support for your products. As your product likely has many touches across the supply chain, it is essential to find a packaging solution that avoids damages and keeps your product intact. The strength, durability and cushioning that corrugated offers is the perfect solution.

Additionally, custom corrugated packaging limits waste and the use of non-essential and non-sustainable materials (i.e., plastics, foams). Right-size packaging allows for an optimal fit. The structural design options that corrugated offers create an operationally efficient and cost-effective solution.

Contact our team today to experience the benefits of corrugated for yourself!

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