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Amazon Packaging Requirements

New to selling your product(s) through Amazon? We are here to help!

With more and more organizations shifting to an eCommerce sales model at a rapid pace, Amazon remains a powerhouse in the industry with  40% of US ecommerce sales in 2021. But before jumping in with both feet, it is important to understand Amazon’s packaging requirements and certifications established for ease of use and efficiency across their supply chains.

For those new to the process, below are steps to help navigate the necessary packaging requirements as you start your Amazon eCommerce journey.

1. Determine Level of Packaging

Amazon has three major tiers of packaging certifications with varying levels of requirements and details. The first step is determining which tier of packaging fits your product needs and protection. Tier 1, or Frustration Free Packaging, is the most involved packaging requirement level that is 100% recyclable, designed to reduce waste and possess no overbox1 or additional prep required from Amazon fulfillment. Essentially, this tier is a one stop shop for your product packaging. Tier 2, or Ships in its Own Container, also requires a design with minimal waste and no overbox or additional preparation. The requirements for recyclability and ease of opening are not as strict with Tier 2, in comparison to Tier 1.

Finally, Tier 3, or Prep-Free Packaging, has the lowest requirements and is primarily used as on overbox for your products existing packaging. No prep work is required, as with the other tiers, but less design and structural details are considered for this tier.

Complete details on the Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging Program Certification Guidelines can be found here.

2. Design

Once the tier that fits your product’s needs is determined, an optimal package design is the next step. At Rusken, we are here to help you create a design to ensure proper protection, efficiency, and shipping of your products. From a simple Regular Slotted Container (RSC) overbox, to a detailed structural design that is created to fit your product’s specifications, our team can guide you through the process.

3. Testing

After the Amazon packaging tier and design are determined, all three tiers require physical performance testing before approval can be received, including standards set by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). This helps to prevent and/or minimize damage and should include all packaging and products that will be involved in shipping to ensure product stability. At Rusken, we can help navigate this testing process through our experience and connections with various third-party testing sites.

4. Certification

After the products successfully complete the testing process, your packaging will be certified. If you fail the testing process, we are here to help make any necessary adjustments to ensure your product(s) arrive to the end consumer undamaged, allowing you to focus on your product(s) and customers.

While it may be overwhelming navigating the necessary Amazon packaging requirements, it is an exciting and beneficial endeavor as you grow your ecommerce business. If you have any questions, or you are ready to jump in, we are here to help support you through the Amazon packaging requirement process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

1overbox: A thick shipping box that fits snugly around the original product’s packaging

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