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“Superior” Food Safety Audit Score for Harrisburg, AR Facility

The Rusken team is pleased to announce that our Harrisburg, AR facility has received a “Superior” 95% rating for the 2020 cGMP Food Safety Audit. The cGMP, or current Good Manufacturing Practices, is a system to ensure products are consistently produced and controlled according to Quality & Food Safety standards and requirements. Rusken’s Harrisburg facility first earned certification by cGMP in 2018 with their annual rating improving each year because of their continual improvement efforts with their Food Safety Program.

Becoming cGMP Consumer Goods & Packaging certified has enhanced the customer base in the food and beverage industries for the Rusken-Harrisburg team and helped to instill confidence in these partnerships. Jason Hale, Process Improvement Manager for Rusken-Harrisburg, is responsible for the Food Safe program at this facility and has done an excellent job in his first year leading this project. To be responsible for the Food Safe Program, one must be Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certified, as Jason has completed over the past year.

Examples of areas audited throughout the cGMP Food Safe Program include Pest Control, Document Control, Cleaning Programs, Training Programs, Traceability, among others. While Jason helped lead the 2020 Food Safe Program, this exceptional rating would not be possible without a collective effort from the Rusken-Harrisburg Management team that includes:

  • Donnie Lowe- General Manager
  • Nate Henry- Sales Manager
  • Raymond Lowe- Production Manager
  • Andrea Phipps- Customer Service Manager

Please join us in celebrating the Rusken-Harrisburg team for this outstanding accomplishment to receive a “Superior” Grade for 2020 cGMP Consumer Goods & Packaging Audit.

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